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There are many stories about where the word butterfly comes from. One of those stories is that long time ago in the time of the colonies, people said that at night witches would turn into creatures with wings and steal butter.Butterflies are cold-blooded insects.

Butterflies have been on earth for a long time.They have existed of over 300 million years, but some species are in danger of extinction because of the destruction of their habitats. Butterflies can live from two to eleven months.


The Mayan and Aztec cultures worshiped the god of cosmic fire who was symbolized by a butterfly.

In Ireland, during the years 1600 it was prohibited to kill a white butterfly because people thought it was the soul of a dead child.

For Native Americans butterflies represent a symbol of joy.

Even the symbol of the butterfly is present today. In a tattoo butterflies represent life. The butterfly tattoo is very popular among women. About 50% of women with tattoos have a butterfly tattoo on their body.

In addition, butterflies are also used in weddings, funerals, or any other social event, it adds a nice touch for the occasion when people release the butterflies.

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