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The Second World

       “In 100 years from now there will be a second world” said NASA which discovered a planet in space which will be habitable for humans, but the kind of life would be different. It will take 100 years to live in the new planet. NASA says that they will build 250 special airplanes the size and speed of a Concord. These special airplanes will take people to the new planet that they will be calling “New Paradise”. Only humans will live in this second world. This planet has the atmosphere and the temperature necessary for humans to live. Animals could not survive to these conditions, they would die very soon. The kind of life will be different. The people who will live in this planet will carry a microchip inside their hands. These microchips are going to have the personal information of each habitant like full name, address, etc. The purpose of creating this new planet is to be totally different from the planet where we are living right now. The buildings and houses are going to be glass and solid iron. Transportation like cars will be working with a special and new kind of transmition that will require the sun’s energy. There will be no fire in this new paradise. Everything inside the houses will work with only the sound of peoples’ voices which will activate lights, stoves, even the showers. Also there will be no consuming of cigarettes, alcohol or any kind of drugs. Water and food will be canned. People will have to wait 100 years to live in this new planet which will be an extraordinary and different new home.