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        The word voodoo comes from the word “voudon” which means the energy, invincible. Voodoo is a religion system that was born in Africa. In 1571, the religion voodoo was established in Haiti when African slaves came to America. In fact, some voodoo communities are in the south of United States, especially in New Orleans. Loa is the person who is totally trained to practice this religion. There are two types of loa: Rada and Petro. Rada is the person who practices the white side, and Petro is the person who practices the black side. The white side or Rada is soft and helpful magic, but the black side or Petro is very dangerous and sometimes mortal. Cemeteries, graves, bones, and skulls are signs of the dark side of Petro.

       Voodoo, which means energy, invincible is the oldest religion in the world.