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Francisco Villa

       Francisco Villa’s real name was Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula. He was born in Durango, Mexico, in 1878. He was known as Francisco Villa, but a lot of people called him Pancho Villa. According to people, he was “Hated by thousands and loved by millions.” Some people were on his side, but the rest were against him. People who were on his side said that he was a generous who robbed the rich to help the poor; he was like a Mexican Robin Hood. People who were against him said that he was a cruel and bad guy, who killed a lot of people. When he was 16 years old, he came home from work in the fields. He found his sister had been raped by the hacienda’s owner. His name was Don Agustin Lopez Negrete. Arango Arambula killed Lopez Negrete, and Arango Arambula escaped on horse to the mountains. Arango Arambula joined the gang of rustlers which was led by Pancho Villa. The mounted police captured the rustlers’s gang and killed Pancho Villa. That is when Arango Arambula took Villa’s place, and he became Pancho Villa. Villa helped Francisco I Madero (President of Mexico 1911-1913) during the Mexican Revolution. Villa and Madero joined their troops. They ruined Porfirio Diaz, who was the president of Mexico for 35 years. In 1916, an American merchant refused to deliver arms to Villa, so he raided the town of Columbus, New Mexico. The war finished in 1920. In 1923, when he was driving his car through Chihuahua, Mexico, he was killed. Those responsible for his death were never found.